Strategies ANd Methods OF Recruiting


We have various recruiting strategies and methods at our disposal. Gladly bringing our experience and competencies in Executive Search and Direct Search to your table,

|  when you plan to fill a position with greatest possible discretion

|  when you are located in a challenging region or engage in a very tight market segment

|  when you want to target candidates of your direct competition environment, 

|  or you are looking for a special qualification that is scarcely present in the job market.


|  A personal meeting and clarification of mandate, as well as approach

|  Definition of target companies and target factors from the relevant settings.

|  Systematic identification and approach in the respective area via Executive Search

|  Execution of narrative personal interviews

|  Preparation of confidential reports, based on personal interviews, including motivators and recommendations

|  Presentation of suitable candidates, accompanied through our project consultant

|  Discrete reference collection (optional, upon request only)

|  For Executive Search position of more than 100,000 EUR, a potential analysis

 with separate consulting is possible as an aid to decision-making

|  Contact person and sparring partner during contract conclusion and over the course of the induction phase

|  Support with the definition of functional description and classification within the organization chart (optional, upon request) 


The fees for our services in the areas of Executive Search and Direct Search are discussed upfront and are set at a fixed price. We gladly submit an offer dependent on effort and scope of your requirements. Should you need recruitment assistance with several positions via Executive Search und Direct Search, we are happy to accommodate you with a package solution.

Further details in regard to our approach and methods with Executive Search and Direct Search will be outlined in a personal and confidential meeting. Please contact us.


Insights Management Development Instruments® MDI

There are around 100 different methods and instruments to identify a person‘s potential and preferences, to enable them to explore and eventual optimize. One thing must be very clear though – individuality cannot be 100% quantifiably measured.


At OSBELT Recruiting Process  we apply and utilize the integrated INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tool as accredited and certified partner. Based on the scientific work of William M. Marston and Carl Gustav Jung – this has nothing to do with astrological prediction or predestination.

Why Potential Analysis? This method is being continually updated and advanced. INSIGHTS profiles provide a view into the complexitiy of how we apply our competencies, how we expresse that in our behaviour and the reasons behind why we do what we do. This serves as an indication of how we conduct ourselves in certain work and stress situations, how (and if) we act in a team setting and which role we are likely to inhabit – in comparison to thousands of participants with similar characteristics. The Insights analysis also provides an indication on our value structure and our individual incentive system and illuminates why we conduct ourselves in a certain manner – how others receive or perceive our behaviour. 

Insights MDI Grafik

Utilizing this knowledge, INSIGHTS MDI® is based on a modular system

The WHAT. Know-How.

Skills, experience, competencies. 

The HOW. Conduct.

Natural and adapted behavioral preferences.

The Why. Values.

Individual incentive system, respectively motivators.

Application areas of INSIGHTS MDI® are

  • On a personal level - an individual instrument for self-recognition, to discover more about oneself and one’s mode of operation
  • As a starting point for employee and leadership trainings as well as for individual coaching
  • As an optimization instrument for your relationship management – internally with employees or coworkers and externally with clients, partners and service providers
  • Foundation for team building and team development
  • Instrument for development of an incentive system

The Insights analysis serves as a starting point for above mentioned areas. 

Should you have further questions, please approach us – we are just a call or email away!



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